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Posted - 01/30/2021 09:35pm
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Reimagining the Library: Public Listening Sessions
The following column is from Ann Hammond, Library Director of the Sonoma County Library:

Reimagining the Sonoma County Library

In late 2019, we were well underway with a new strategic plan, a process the library undergoes every five years. Then, the pandemic hit us and we had to pivot to a new type of service.

This winter, we restarted our plan and we’re now calling it a Reimagining Plan. We know that your lives have been disrupted and your libraries have to change to serve you in this new normal. We are determined to meet this challenge.

Our Reimagining Plan will address library services, but as we gather information, we recognize that we have to think beyond the walls of our branches, and put our best efforts into planning for a future that addresses the realities of an extended fire season, annual power outages, floods, and a stubborn pandemic., with all the changes it brings.

School-age children and their families, community elders, and emerging community and business leaders have always been our core library boosters, but we have a responsibility to reach beyond these beloved supporters and learn who else needs us and why.

Our Reimagining Plan includes in-depth interviews with community service leaders, who are providing valuable insights into community needs. Along with staff feedback and your input, our final plan will be a comprehensive approach to serving our community in the uncertain times ahead.

We have three public listening sessions scheduled for our Reimagining Plan, and I’d love to see you join us at one of them. You can join us at 10 am on February 22, 10 am on February 27 or 6 pm on March 4. Please email and we’ll get you information on how to register for a session.

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