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Posted - 08/13/2021 12:58pm
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Next Book Sale August 29 / Seeking Book Sale Coordinator(s)
In order to continue our beloved and long-standing tradition of quarterly Book Sales, the Sonoma Valley Friends of the Library are in need of a Book Sales chairperson or persons.  For 15+ years, Dave Dobbins and Carol Brown coordinated the many aspects of the sales including a wonderful hard-working crew of volunteers, who turned the Book Sales into a humming well-oiled machine.  The Sales have operated much like a traveling show, set up and struck down quarterly, with all the moving parts stored and ready to rise again three months later. 

Many people are eager and ready to volunteer as helpers to whomever steps up to take this unique opportunity for our library.  And, as with any successful endeavor, it requires those special one or two people to take the lead.  It's a commitment requiring both love and yes, a good amount of time.

As many of you know, we had a successful first-in-over-a-year Book Sale in May, thanks to two of our hardest-working Friends, Tony Pisacane (who does a yeoman's service for the Friends and Sonoma Schools) and Janette Tschann, both of whom stepped up with the offering of a one-time basis.  We are grateful for all they already do.  

Book Sales have been the primary avenue of revenue through which we Friends support the Sonoma Valley Library.  We hold the hope that that special someone(s) in our big-hearted community will step up and take this opportunity to keep this beloved "institution" of Friends of the Sonoma Valley Library Book Sales continuing in perpetuity.  

On behalf of the Board of the Friends of the Sonoma Valley Library, if you are interested in being that special person(s), please contact Janet Constantino at  Or, you may leave a message at 707-939-9624.  

OUR NEXT BOOK SALE is Sunday, August 29th from 10:00am to 3:00pm at 755 W Napa St, Sonoma. Many categories of books will be for sale plus vinyl LPs! Hardback books are $2 each.  Paperback books are $1 each.  LPs $1 per disk. MASKS ARE REQUIRED. Credit cards encouraged.  Cash accepted.  No checks will be accepted. No restroom facilities available. Street parking only. Books will be restocked throughout the day.

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