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Posted - 09/05/2014 01:44pm
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Book Donations: Cheers to our Volunteers!
Another round of applause to our Friends Volunteer, Wayne Schake, who will come pick up donated books and take them to the library for the book sales.  Check out Sylvia Crawford's August 19 article in the Index Tribune by clicking here, and learn more about donating books to the Friends of the Sonoma Valley Library.

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Posted - 08/11/2014 07:39pm
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New Seating Provides Outdoor WiFi Lounge
The Friends have just installed tables with benches at three outdoor locations at the Library:  two on the entrance side beneath the trees, and one in the rear at the parking lot, for WiFi users outside the library and on days when the Library is closed.   This project came to fruition through the efforts the Friends of the Sonoma Valley Library's Initiatives Group.  These hotspots are available 24/7.

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Posted - 08/06/2014 09:23pm
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Ablaze with Color!
Stop by the Children's area of the library, and you'll be blown away by a blaze of colors!  The Friends funded the refurbishing of 15 or so chairs by a local upholsterer who offered choices of leather in various colors.  Rumor has it that Clare, the Children's Librarian, had a hand in choosing these fabulous colors.  Check out just how vibrant the area now looks and feels.... it's jumping!


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Comment posted by Laurie on 08/21/2014
Looks great!

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Posted - 08/06/2014 06:40pm
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Return of Monday: the back story

The unanimous decision of the County Board of Supervisors to place a one eighth of one percent sales tax on the November ballot to help fund the library didn’t start out with that strong backing.  At the start of the campaign for additional funding there was very little supervisor support for the measure.  Thanks, though, to tireless workers at the library, the Friends of the Library, the Library Advisory board, the City of Sonoma , our Library Commissioner and many more dedicated library users the Supervisors became aware of the importance of the library as a vital community resource.

If the sales tax measure passes this means that Monday library hours may return and with the possibility of additional increased hours. The supplemental library funding, some eight to ten million dollars each year, will also be able to provide enhanced programs for children and seniors plus many other benefits that will make the library become a more vibrant part of a digital age.

With a two-thirds majority required to pass the increase, the next step is to be sure that all of us, you, me and everyone you know, votes for the measure in November.

Please be engaged, volunteer for the Friends of the Library.  Contact:

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Comment posted by Bob on 08/26/2014
Measure M

Today, the Sonoma County Library and its 13 branches are supported almost entirely by property taxes. This produces an overall annual library budget of $16,250,000.  For the 492,000 residents of Sonoma County this is a Library expenditure, per resident, of only $33 per year. Compare this meager library budget to Napa County that spends $51 per resident per year, Marin County that spends $95 per resident and San Francisco that spends $100 per year.

If the 1/8 percent (.008) sales tax measure passes it will generate approximately 8 to 10 million dollars a year in additional library funding increasing County expenditures to $49 to $53 per resident. This is a respectable, but not great, expenditure.
 Increased Library funding will:
 • Restore library service hours to their previous level. Libraries will be open on Mondays.
 • Enhance book purchasing for local libraries.
 • Provide materials, educational workshops, library programs and more.
 • Acquire new technology for the digital generation.
 • Provide streaming video and music for library users at no charge for users.

Please, vote yes for Measure M to improve our Library .

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Posted - 07/29/2014 07:20pm
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Coming soon: an outdoor WiFi Lounge!
The Friends of the Library recently purchased outdoor picnic tables for the Library, creating an outdoor WiFi Lounge that makes the Library's internet available 24/7.  The three high-grade tables will soon be in place for all to enjoy.

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The Sonoma Valley Friends of the Library are delighted to see Glen Weaver honored with the prestigious Jefferson Award for his work in establishing the Sonoma County Free Bookmobile What a long way he's come from when Dave Dobbins first met him and made sure he got books from the Friends book sale for his venture. A year later Glen_Weaver_Health_Center.jpg Glen, along with the Friends of the Library, stocked shelves at the Sonoma Valley Health center's waiting area. Last night KPIX Channel 5 news interviewed Glen where he told the story of how he started his non-profit by giving away free books to rural and under-served Sonoma Communities. 


Photo credit Sonoma Index Tribune.

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Comment posted by Bob on 07/02/2014
Glen Congratulations Bob