Library Contributions

Over the last three years our Friends have contributed over $125,000.   Our most recent contributions include refurbishing the chairs in the Children's Area and purchasing picnic tables for the outside area, to help create an outdoor WiFi lounge.  Here's what else we've bought:

  • Computer tables, information kiosk, teen room, displays, forum room tables and chairs, and library carts.
Library Programs
  • Summer reading programs, musical programs, and author readings
  • Value Line, New York Review of Books, magazine rack and periodicals display
Book Purchases
  • Adult collection; books in Spanish
Library Renovation

The Friends, along with the Library Advisory Board, played a pivotal role in seeing the major renovation of the Library through the approval process during 2011. Members of the Friends attended countless City Council meetings wearing "Ask me about the Library" buttons and when the vote came to approve the plans and move to bidding, the Council's vote was unanimous. 

For the eight months during construction, the Library operated out of Burlingame Hall, and it was here that the Friends saw their expenditure of a self-check station, the second one in the county library system, installed.