Book Groups

The Friends currently supports two book groups, which meet monthly.  Details on each group and how to join is found below. 

Book_Groups.pngMystery Book Club:  The Mystery Book Club is a lively discussion group which sticks to the book and does not veer off into personal shares.  All you need to join is a library card.  At each monthly meeting the book that will be discussed at the next meeting is provided.  The club has a loyal following and it has been said that occasionally the discussion is better than the book.  Because we are reading "murder" mysteries there is some violence in every offering.

Each meeting begins with a presentation about the author.  Members volunteer to do the research and the presentation.  No one person does it all the time.  Each person has as much time as they need to speak about the book without interruption and with the rest of the members listening with respect to what is being said.

The club meets for one hour in the Forum Room at the Library on the first Thursday of each month at 4:00pm. For more information call Kassandra Miller at 935-9415 or email her at  Check calendar for date changes.

Classical Reflections:  The Classical Reflections book group focuses on ancient Greek and some Roman texts. Most of these are contemporary, although there are some, which are somewhat earlier, and most are fictional. Books read by this group have included Luc Ferry's THE WISDOM OF THE MYTHS: HOW GREEK MYTHOLOGY CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE, Greek tragedies OEDIPUS THE KING and ANTIGONE, and Mary Renault's 1958 novel THE KING MUST DIE. To join, please contact book group leader Mary-Kay Gamel,, 707-343-1827. 

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